1Where is the Head Office?
Cairo Road, Dar-es-Salaam Place next to the Main Post Office.
2Who can buy a life insurance policy?
Anyone can buy a life insurance policy but as an individual policy holder the premium you will pay depends on your age, your health and your occupation.
3What benefits do i receive from buying a life insurance policy?
It is not you who stand to benefit from your life insurance policy; it is the loved ones who depend on you. One of the main reasons to buy life insurance is the financial protection it offers them. The proceeds from a life insurance policy can replace the income loss as a result of your death, saving them from financial hardships.
4What is sum assured?
This is the value or amount an insured item(s) is valued at.
5What is premium?
This is the amount of money that a client pays to buy insurance.
6 What is surrender Value?
This is an encashment (payout) on a policy cancelled before the end of the policy term.
7What is Maturity Value?
This is a benefit paid on a policy that has run its full term.
8What is Lapse?
This is when a policy loses its Financial Value (lapses) if the renewal premium is not paid within the Grace Period defined in the policy.
9What is waiting period?
This is the period of time specified in an insurance policy. This period of time must pass before some or all of the coverage can begin. During this time one is unable to claim.
10What is Cooling off period?
This is a period of time during which a policy holder can cancel the policy and the premium received can be refunded less expenses.
11What is a Bonus?
This is an extra amount offered along with guaranteed benefits of the insurance policy. It is an amount added to the Basic Sum Assured under a with-profit life insurance policy.

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