Madison Tilitonse Policy

Tilitonse is a mobile insurance plan which provides cover only for people resident within the boarders of the Republic of Zambia and who if not permanent residents are working on a legal work permit for a period longer than six months. The minimum entry age is 18 and maximum 85 years.

Funeral cover commences on the date of registration and has an immediate cover in the event of accidental death

Premiums are payable by Cash, Mobile Money, Kazang, C-Grate (543 konse konse) and approved retail outlets

Plan types

  • Individual cover
  • Family cover
  • Cover for dependants
  • ed tili

The plan has a one month term which is renewable automatically by payment of monthly premiums. The plan remains in force as long as premiums are paid.

Ownership of the plan is transferable from the Planholder to another premium payer in the event of the Planholder’s failure to continue until death of all the insured members for as long as premiums continue to be paid. There will be no waiting period on the existing dependants. The –change of premium payer will have to be done before the next premium due date.

Tilitonse has a no claim bonus this simply means there is a cash back benefit of 10% of the premiums paid in every three-year cycle provided all premiums due are fully paid in that cycle and there was no claim paid in the period under consideration .

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