Group Funeral Expenses Insurance Policy is a policy designed for organisations to cover funeral costs where an organisation loses its member or their close relatives.

It is a yearly renewable policy taken out by the employer meaning that the employer bears the cost of premium for the benefit of its employees.

However, the organisation also benefits through the increase in employee retention, good corporate image and the reduced financial stress/ risk to the

organisation by completely eliminating salary advance requests and other costs involved in covering funeral costs on behalf of employees.

Through the Group Funeral Expenses Insurance Policy (GFEIP), Madison Life will take the financial obligation of meeting the cost of providing a decent

funeral for the insured person(s).


Insurable persons under the policy

  • Management staff.
  • Non-management staff.
  • Spouses.
  • Dependent biological children, step children and legally adopted children (documentary evidence for adopted children will be required).
  • Stillborn’s of an insured mother will be covered automatically.
  • Children born after commencement of cover can be added to the policy soon after birth.
  • Parents (and parents in law).
  • Other dependents living with the principal life (brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts).



No medical examinations are required and all types of death are covered including HIV and AIDS.


Payment Terms

Premium may be paid yearly in advance but where the client prefers, an installment plan can be agreed upon.



When death of an insured occurs, Sums Assured can be claimed by the following means;

As cash, cheque or bank deposit depending on the arrangement with the employer.

Through services of a Funeral Parlour (MLife can arrange with the employer engaging a Funeral Parlour to provide their professional services and MLife pays the Parlour and pays any outstanding amount if any to the employer).



  • Prompt and guaranteed payment for funeral costs on behalf of the employer.
  • Affordable premium relative to high benefits.
  • Professional funeral services in where there is an arrangement with a Funeral Parlour.