The scheme is designed to cover groups of people for a lump sum benefit payment on death of a member and is usually sponsored by employers. The Scheme is annually renewable and cover is compulsory for permanent employees, cover is not compulsory in Zambia, also cover is immediate, i.e. no waiting period.



Benefits/Sums assured are stated from inception and are normally a multiple of employee/member’s annual salary at inception or entry date of employee; employer will advise suitable multiplier alternatively the employer may settle for a flat cover (same sum assured) for all employees or different specified sums assured for different categories of employees. Sums assured may be adjusted during the policy year upon revision of salaries. Mlife must be advised of any salary revision to be able to revise the sums assureds accordingly.

Benefits are paid only on the death of a member, whether by accident or natural cause.



Premiums are charged for the group and are payable annually in advance or as per agreed payment terms, i.e. monthly, quarterly or half-yearly

Premiums may be reviewed at renewal depending on the performance of the scheme.

Special discounts may apply such as early premium settlements, good claims, large volumes or Long term agreement discount



Employer/Group may add or delete members during the policy year. Premiums will only be charged for time on cover for both additions and deletions. This implies that if a member leaves the scheme before the expiry of the policy term, there is a refund of premium for the period not covered.



Rider benefits may include funeral expenses cover, Critical Illness and permanent total disability (PTD). The funeral expenses cover may be a free rider benefit or at a cost. Critical Illness and PTD benefits are percentage of death benefits. Either Critical Illness or PTD or death benefit is paid for any one life assured whichever occurs first.



Certified Proof of death (Death Certificate OR Medical Certificate of Cause of Death OR Police Report (e.g. B.I.D Certificate, RTA Report and burial permit), Deceased NRC OR signed and stamped letter from Chief/Headman.

We settle fully documented claims within 48 hours



In the event of death of a Member caused directly or indirectly by War, Invasion, Act of Foreign Enemy, Hostilities or Warlike Operations (whether, war be declared or not), Civil War, Rebellion, Revolution, Insurrection, military or Usurped Power, or Popular uprising, Martial Law, Terrorist Attack, Strike, Riot, Civil Commotion or Mutiny no Sum Assured will be payable under this Policy.