About Madison Student Health Policy

Madison Student Health policy is a conventional life assurance policy to be purchased by a student or a parent/guardian who has a child enrolled at a public or private learning institution in Zambia in order to guarantee comprehensive medical insurance (both primary care and specialized care) for the students and give them and their guardians’ financial relief during times of illness.

Product Objectives.

To cover the student’s various medical expenses (inpatient and outpatient) that occur during the academic year such as physiotherapy, psychiatry, dental, optical, refraction, ancillary and prescription drugs.

Death Benefits.

In the event of death of the life assured (student) within the term of the policy the premiums will be refunded to the named life assured or appointed administrator. In the event of death of the life of assured (parent/guardian), the premiums are waived and the child is still entitled to cover until policy renewal date.

Out of Semester Cover.

The product provides out of semester cover in between academic years for as long as the total number of months for which cover is provided (academic year plus semester breaks) does not exceed 12 months.

Why Student health Cover?

  • to keep students in college so that they can graduate and become productive members of society.
  • Keeping students healthy in order to minimize disruption in their academic goals. A healthy student is more likely to perform at a higher academic level to completion than a student who is constantly disturbed by sickness
  • Provision of immediate access to medical care within close proximity to the college
  • Protection against financial catastrophe
  • Making optimum use of the excellent and affordable health care facilities found in some Universities/colleges. (Some campuses have student health centers that perform basic medical treatments such as physician visits, immunizations, routine check-ups, and maybe prescription drug fulfillment).
  • Peace of Mind for the Institutions, Parents and the students