The company core values to include innovation are listed below:

  1. Customer First

    To strengthen and enhance customer service dedication by establishing standards of performance and delivering quality services which are superior to competitors.

  2. Integrity and Ethical Conduct

    To encourage personal and professional development of all employees and provide an atmosphere which encourages initiative, integrity, creativity and competent performance.

  3. Team Work

    To create an atmosphere in which commitment to work, loyalty to the company, teamwork and individual achievement are enhanced.

  4. Continuous Learning

    Continuous acquisition of knowledge and skills for the purposes of performance improvement.

  5. Excellence

    To ensure that products and services are delivered to satisfy our customers beyond their expectations.

  6. Entrepreneurship

    To create a spirit of wanting to succeed by trying out new things and owning them for the benefit of the individuals and the Company.

  7. Innovation

    To maintain market leadership in innovation and tailor-made products.

  8. Lean Management Culture

    To instill discipline of continuous improvement in operations as a daily way of life for every member of staff using the 5 WHYs.