The purpose of the Dignity Family Life Insurance Plan is to provide Funeral expenses Insurance cover for individuals, the employees and their family members in exchange for a minimal premium.


  • Dignity Family Life Insurance Plan covers a family of eight (8)members plus any number of dependents depending on affordability, i.e.Main member, Spouse, Six (6) children (biological and adopted), Parents,In-Laws, Sisters, Brothers, uncles etc.
  • The Sum Insured (amount payable to the deceased’s family) can be any amount from K 1,000.00 for a child or an adult person to a maximum amount of K 10,000 (Optional higher amounts can be provided on request).
  • The premiums range varies. The Principal Life Insured is the member of the family, who is the Account holder who takes up the Dignity Family Life Insurance Plan on behalf of the family.
  • Premiums are affordable and can be paid either monthly, annually or in agreed installments.
  • No medical examinations are required, since it is a benefit scheme. Alltypes of illness are covered including HIV and AIDS.
  • The policy can be transferred from the original Principal Life Insured to another family member, if the original Principal Life insured cannot afford to pay e.g. on death or retirement of the Principal Life Insured.
  • On death of a member, there is the option to be paid cash i.e full sum assured, within 24 hours or Funeral Parlors services can be utilized. If the Funeral Parlour services are utilized instead of cash payment, then 20% of the sum insured will be paid immediately for use at the funeral house for things like firewood, food, hiring a tent etc.
  • Services at the Funeral Parlors include; provision of a Coffin, Body removal from Hospital, Body preparation and dressing, Hearse and Tents at the grave yard and lowering device etc.
  • These funeral logistics can be accessed through the Funeral Parlors contracted by Madison Life Insurance Company Zambia Limited throughout the country.
  • Dignity Family Life Insurance Plan can also be taken up by the employer for provision of funeral benefits to the employees as per the condition of service. This is to have a cost effective and well organized budgeted for funeral benefits for the employees.
  • Dignity Family Life Insurance Plan will also add to good corporate image of the company , were the policy is taken on group basis i.e companies, depending on the numbers the waiting period may be waived.
  • Policy document which incorporates a proposal form is issued immediately on signing up.