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Our CSR policy aims at giving back to the community it operates in, through some of the following activities e.g..

  1. Providing financial support towards maintenance of Ng’ombe Community School in Ng’ombe compound
  2. Sponsorship of bill boards for campaign against drug abuse among young people.
  3. Adoption of the Children’s Admission Ward at the University Teaching Hospital.

Why MLife

Not only have we built a reputation that believes in fair dealing, integrity, and trustworthiness.

We at MLife believe insurance services do not have to be confusing and complicated. hence our goal is helping people take simple steps to start preparing and been ready for whatever happens.

We work with individuals, families and businesses to provide them with the best life insurance policies to suit our clients.

Website & Online Prescence

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Life Insurance Company Zambia LTD


Currently, the company has 60 employed people (excluding the management team) in the underwriting departments and the operations of the company are undertaken in the following departments:

  1. Group Life Department
  2. Individual Life Department
  3. Pensions Department
  4. Credit Life Department
  5. Funeral Expenses Department

Claims Settlement Service

MLife always maintains adequate liquidity within the investment programme to meet day-to-day claim settlement obligations.

Funeral Claims are settled within 24 to 48 hours upon receipt of all the required claim supporting documents where premiums have been paid within the agreed parameters.

More About Us

We are a specialist Life insurance company which underwrites Individual Life insurance policies, Group Life insurance policies, Credit Life insurance policies, Funeral Expenses Insurance policies and Personal as well as Group Pension Plans of all classes.


A member of the LSA Group of Companies