Travelling around our country Zambia is always exciting whether it’s for business, holidays, school trip, church conference, etc. However, we are always at risk of being involved in an accident caused by ourselves or other people. The Madison Domestic Travel Insurance is part of our  initiative which reflects our strong capability and dedication to cater for all income bracket of our Zambian Market.

The Madison Domestic Travel insurance is a Pay-as-You-Go (Point A to Point B), Per Trip Cover (maximum 7 days trip) and Way-of-Life (Month-on-month multiple trip cover for Life) Policy that covers Accidental Death, Permanent Disability and Accidental Medical Expenses and Hospitalization arising out of a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) while travelling on a public road within Zambia either for business, recreation, school trip or studies. The Policy also provides exclusive students cover on termly or semester basis.The benefits range from ZMW 6,000 all the way to ZMW 20,000 with premiums from as low as ZMW 15 to ZMW 220.These benefits can be taken up as an Individual, or a Family or as a Corporate (Group) Cover. The Family Cover option covers the nucleus family members: the Principal Member (Policyholder), spouse and up to maximum of six (6) biological children aged 0 to 25 years. The minimum number of Insured Lives for a Corporate Cover is 10. If the Corporate Cover has less than 10 members, then each member will have to sign up an individual Policy.

No medical evidence of health is required in order to be eligible for the Policy.

Create your Domestic travel policy by accessing the web portal or downloading the Domestic travel App from Google / IOS App store