Madison Life Insurance Company (MLife) is pleased to introduce Tilitonse Life Super Insurance Plan conveniently designed to remove the financial burden which bereaved families encounter whenever one of their beloved one dies. So often, when a member of a family dies, particularly those without adequate financial means, the Family members are forced to contribute money to assist in providing for funeral logistics like coffin, transport, food etc, which adds to the financial stress for the family.

The Tilitonse super family insurance plan covers a nuclear family of 8 members i.e. main member, spouse and 6 children. Monthly Premiums range from K54 to 415. Sums assured range from min  K1,250 for a child to maxi K100,000 for an adult.

Cover extends to other family members up to maximum of  10 members, monthly premium ranges from K20 to  K400 per extended family member and sums assured range from K3,000 to K60,000. This gives us an opportunity to cover our parents, parents in law and other relatives.

See attached brochure for more details.

Click here to access Tilitonse Super Family Insurance Brochure

  • There is a Cash Back Benefit of 10% of the premiums paid in every three (3) year cycle provided all premiums due are fully paid in that cycle and there was no claim paid in the period under consideration.
  • Tilitonse Super Life Insurance Plan can be taken up by an individual Principal Member or an Employer for provision of funeral benefits to the employees as per the condition of service.
  • No medical examinations are required, since it is a benefit scheme. All types of illness are covered including HIV and AIDS.
  • Accidental cover commences immediately on receipt of the first premium. Full insurance cover for natural commences after a 6 months waiting period for Principal Member, Spouse and Children and 12 months for dependant relatives.
  • MLife will guarantee a sum Insured to be paid within 24 hours to the bereaved family, on death of the insured member


Contact 0961 075204 OR SMS “Life” to.4440  for signing up.