The DFCP Zambia product.

The Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan is available to every diaspora Zambia and their nucleus families (spouse, children up to age next birthday (ANB25), parents and/or parents in law ANB 40 to ANB 75 irrespective of where they live) and foreign nationals who live in Zambia and their nucleus family if they also live in Zambia. DFCP is essentially a whole of life cover which means cover for life with a guaranteed pay-out on death whenever death happens. Cover is offered as Single Plan on one life or Family Plan or Group Plan.


Key Features of the bespoke Mlife Diaspora Funeral Cash Plan:

  • Guaranteed Acceptance for every Diaspora Zambian & Family up to 75 years of age.
  • Guaranteed Acceptance for every Foreigner &Family If Living in Zambia up to 75 years of age.
  • No Medicals at All, On Application nor On Claim.
  • Immediate (Within 24hrs) US$ Cash Payout on Proof of Death in To Any Bank Account Worldwide.
  • Immediate Accidental Death Cover, 6 Months Qualifying For Natural Death & 24 Months for Suicidal Death.
  • Permanently US$ Denominated For Global Villager.
  • Optional Cover Amounts Up To US$20,000.00
  • Body Repatriation Not Mandatory.
  • Treating Customers Fairly – Guaranteed Free Cover Once Cumulative Premiums = Benefit Amount Including Claimed Amount
  • Treating Customers Fairly – Cover For Life but Premiums Not For Life
  • Family Plan – Cover Yourself Cover Your Loved Ones. Can Add Nucleus Family Members, that is, Spouse, ANB 25 Children, Parents &/or Parents in Law
  • Group Plan is for pre-existing groups like Burial Societies, Clubs, and Associations etc.


Age Restrictions:

  • Principal life can only be between Age Next Birthday (ANB) 18 to ANB 75.
  • Maximum age across the body is ANB75. ANB 71 to ANB 75 the maximum cover is restricted to $5000.
  • Children can only be added on Family Plan up to ANB 25.
  • Parents or Parents in Law–must be between ANB40 to ANB75 and maximum cover irrespective of location is $5000 per life
  • Age only applies at the point of application.


Who Qualifies?

  • Every Zambian Diasporan – Main Applicant 18 Up To ANB 75
  • Foreigners Who Live In Zambia (+ Family If Also Domiciled In Zambia)
  • Family Plan: Main Life + Nucleus Family (Spouse, Up To ANB 25 Children, ANB 40 to ANB 75 Parents and/or Parents in Law)
  • Parents & Parents in Law Must Be ANB 40 to ANB 75
  • Parents & Parents in Law Maximum Cover Irrespective of Location is $5000.
  • Co-Life Can Only Have Same or Lower Cover Amount to Principal Life (Pl)
  • Under 18 Students Abroad Can Have Cover Amount Higher Than Principal Life
  • Under 18 Students Abroad Can Have Principal Life in Zambia but Pl Cannot Add Other Family Members
  • Group Cover Applies To Pre-Existing Social Groups – Clubs, Burial Societies, Associations…Cover Amounts & Premiums


Cover Amounts & Premiums

  • US$1000 | 1,500 | $2,500, $3,500 | $5,000 | …. $2,500 Multiples to $20,000.
  • SADC including Zambia Domiciled Life – Maximum Cover is US$5000.
  • Zambia Domiciled Expats – Maximum Cover is US $5000.
  • ANB 71 to ANB 75 – Maximum Cover is US$5000
  • Parents/Parents in Law Maximum Cover is US$5000 irrespective of Location
  • Plan Expense Loading only applies to Principal Life Premium
  • Only Two Factors Affect Premium – Amount & Age
  • Premiums are Gender and Geographical Neutral
  • Post On-Risk Relocation Does Not Affect Cover But…
  • Zambian Relocating to SADC does Not Have to Lower Cover
  • Zambian Relocating Out Of SADC Can Increase Cover Amount If They Qualify
  • Post On-Risk Relocation by an Expat – Can Keep Cover
  • Relocating Expats Cannot Vary Cover Amount Upwards


Protect Yourself! Protect Your Family! Protect Your Dignity!

Your dignified send off – Guaranteed!