About Madison Umbrella GLA Product

This is a death in service cover taken up by employers on behalf of their employees to cushion their bereaved families for the income they  will no longer enjoy.​

The purpose of the product is to provide cover to SMEs operating in the informal sector in a manner that caters even for those SMEs that do not have the number of employees that qualify them to buy GLA on their own.


  • SME’s with a minimum of 3 employees.​
  • Principal Members – between 18yrs and 65yrs old at entry


  • The product targets the mass market (informal and formal sector)​
  • Age next birthday of the life assured at entry should be 18 to 65 years.  The product is annually renewable.​
  • The term of the Policy is Cover is 1 (one) year.   Sums assured range from K5,000.00 to 100,000.00.​
  • No medicals are required.​
  • 7.5% Discount through contracted funeral parlors.​
  • Claims take 5 working days after claim documentation is provided